Why do we choose disposable vape?

Why do we choose disposable vape?

What is the disposable vape? The total commonality is that a disposable vape is a vape device that has pre-filled the vape juice and pre-charged to use. When you buy this product, you can start using it just from the packaging. The disposable device can be kept until the battery and the e-juice run out, at that time, you can take the old vape to the disposable recycle bin.

How is the disposable vape work theory?

Wick, heating coil, logic board, battery, and oil tank are the important parts of a disposable vape.

  1. The wick retains the e-liquid in the disposable vape and takes the e-liquid into the heating coil. When you are vaping, the inner portion of the wick’s e-liquid is vaporized by the coil.
  2. The heating coil had high electrical resistance and was made metal of or alloy. when the electricity flows through it, the resistance in the heating coil will create heat and the e-juice will vaporize.
  3. The logic board is the vape operation manager. When you start the vaping action, the logic board will connect with the puff sensor and battery to supply power for the heating coil.
  4. Battery is the main power creator in the device system. if your disposable vape has a charging port, you can use it until the e-juice is used out; if the battery does not charge the port, you need to buy a new one.

Which disposable vape is worth to choose?

Well, there are many different disposable vapes in the local vape shops, like Flum、VTV、Elf Bar, and SKE. but how to make a choice?

Elf Bar

There is no doubt that Elfbar is famous in the US market. To meet the needs of various disposable vape customers, Elfbar creates a large selection of products.


Flum Vape offers a variety of vaping products and flavors, including disposable vapes with different nicotine levels and a wide range of flavors


SKE Vape is a renowned brand offering a diverse range of vaping products, including disposable vapes, and pod kits.


Vapor to victory is this brand moral.VTV was established in 2018 in China.

Starting in 2022, VTV disposable vape sales to the overseas vape market. From the VTV Official website, we can see that VTV offers a range of vaping products including disposable vapes, pod systems, and pod kits. What’s more. we can see that VTV has a different innovation on disposable vape taste. I think VTV disposable vape is perfect for the new vaper to start your vaping trip.

VTV Dolphin Disposable Vape 5000 Puffs

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